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How do you sleep better

I read in one of the papers recently that we are going through some kind of sleep epidemic. It does not mean that we sleep more, it actually means that we sleep less. I have noticed this myself, and I have find that I am spending less and less time in bed sleeping. At first, I was not so sure why it was happening, but them I started to take a look at my lifestyle and I found that there are various reasons why I don’t sleep that well. Working at Debden escorts of do not really have a lot to do with it.

When I used to come home from Debden escorts, I always used to go to bed with my iPad or something like that. I thought it would be relaxing to check out what had happened during the day, but the truth was that my iPad kept me awake instead. Also, I had a television in my bedroom and that did not help. It was too easy to switch it on and get stuck into some terrible program. When I electronically dejunked my bedroom, I found that I started to sleep a lot better.

Also when I cam home late at night from Debden escorts, I used to be really hungry. I always worry about my figure so I did not like to eat before I went to bed. That was no good at all and I now make sure that I have a snack. It is not something that will keep me awake, but I like to have banana and peanut butter sandwich or something like that. A small glass of milk is great as well and I then fall asleep like a baby. Have I put on weight? No, I have not put on weight at all.

Another problem is that you are actually fully awake when you come from Debden escorts. One of the girls at the agency said that she had installed mood lighting around her apartment and now I have done the same thing. It has made me feel a lot better and as soon as I come home from the escorts agency, I can feel myself relaxing. It is nice to be able to walk into an apartment which is just cosy with no bright lights on.

Many of the girls at Debden escorts seem to suffer from sleeping problems but I have told them to follow my simple ideas. To put all of these plans into action does not cost a lot, and the most expensive thing was the new lighting. But now when it is there, I feel that I have got a lot out of it and it was a good investment. I love my little apartment and I am not going to be in a rush selling it at all. It would be great with some more space but that is going to have to wait until I am a little bit older and have got some more money behind me.


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