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Job Offers from Abroad

I have been with London escorts in for about three years. During that time I have mainly been dating a lot of foreign gents. That is not a problem for me at all and I like to meet all sorts of gents. The only thing is that I seem to be attracting job offers from abroad. Many of the gents have gone back to their home countries and spoken very highly of me. Now I am getting job offers flooding in from everywhere, and I don’t know what to do. After all, I really enjoy living in London.

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More and more Australian gents are turning up in London. I have met a few of them at business functions and I have as a result ended up with a few regular gents who visit London on a regular basis. One of the Australian gents that I date seems to have his fingers in all sorts of pies and now he would like me to work for him in Australia. He says that he thinks that I would be a big hit with many of his friends in Australia. Would I be prepared to give up London escorts and move to Australia.

Another one of my regular gents at London escorts comes from Dubai. He has been visiting me for the last two years and I know him very well. Like so many other gents from the region, he is very rich and likes to spoil me a lot. Believe it or not, I find that a lot of Arab men are very respectful of women and I do enjoy their company. This gent in particular would like me to move to Dubai and become his personal mistress. I am not sure about that. Giving up London escorts to dedicate yourself to one person would be a big step.

I also date a few American at London escorts. One of the American gents that I meet up with every four weeks owns a strip club in Las Vegas. On top of that he has a lot of interests in adult entertainment in the US. He says that I would make a great porn star and he would like to launch my career in the US. Should I believe him? If I leave London escorts for his job, I may not get a chance to come back if it goes wrong. Sure some London escort services like to employ former porn stars, but not all of them.

It would be a big risk to leave my job here at London escorts. After all I am doing really well at the agency and I don’t want to lose my ranking as an elite escort. This is a very competitive business and there is always someone prepared to step into your stilettos. Do I really want that? I could rent out my flat for a year and see how it goes, but I still think that I would be giving up a lot. The gents are three of my favorite gents, but I must say that I have other gents who’s company I enjoy at the same time. It is a big risk and I am not sure that it is worth it for an elite London escort like myself.


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