My nana wants me to leave London escorts and take over the running of the family’s sex shops.

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My nana wants me to leave London escorts and take over the running of the family’s sex shops.


I know that the sex shop has been in our family for two generation now, but I am not really tempted to take it over. My nana is really fiercely protective of the sex shop, and has never passed over ownership of the company that owns the shop to my mom. I suppose that is a good thing as my mom and dad actually split up. Yes, I like the business, but I am doing really well here at London escorts so I don’t want to give it up.

I have been working for London escorts for almost two years. To be frank, I have been able to earn a lot more money here than I would ever have been able to do in the sex shop. My nana says that I am being a bit unfair to her, but there is a lot more to it than that. Yes, I think that the family sex shop is still a good business, but my nana does not want to move with the times. She still wants total control, and that is just one of the reasons why I have stayed with London escorts. In many ways, my nana needs to change her attitude towards the business before I take it over.

Working for London escorts have taught me a lot. Above all, I know that people have a totally different attitude towards sex these days. My nana’s attitude is sort of get on with it and do it, but that does not work these days. Sensuality has become an important part of our sexual make up and language, and I think my nana just can’t see that at all. Also, my status at London escorts as a VIP London escorts is something that I have achieved for myself. My mom knows that it is something that I am proud of and I am not going to let go of it because of some sex shop in Soho.

Besides, I am not so sure what the future of Soho is these days. I am aware that there seems to be a strong focus on trying to clean up Soho. A lot of London escorts services which used to be active within Soho have been forced to close. My nana can see that things are changing but she is not really taking it onboard. The best way forward would be for my nana to sell the sex shop, and let me just get on with my job here at London escorts. In all honesty this is easier said than done, and I am not so sure that my nana can let go.

It is kind of interesting to think that my nana once was the porn queen of Soho. Not only did she used to run the sex shop, but she owned a very successful London escorts service as well. She sold that when she retired and I think that was a real shame. It would have been the business that I would have been interested in running. My nana probably regrets that now, but it is not easy to tell her. She is after all my sexy nana, and I would hate to upset my sexy nana. It is not every girl who has a nana like I do and I count my blessings every day.


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